We’re Mixed Media Collective, a multi-media design, and marketing company, and we’d like to partner with you.

Let’s face it, graphic designers and printing company’s are a dime a dozen. Finding one these days couldn’t be easier, but finding a good one may be more difficult than we realize.

All too often designers create directly for the client, and while this seems like the most logical course of action, it actually is not. We believe that our client is not you, but your clients. Yes, you may be putting up the cash for our products and services but at the end of the day the ones that need to be impressed by what we create for you is your audience. This is why, instead of you being our client, we’d like to think of ourselves as your partners, working intelligently towards creating the most impactful image for you and your brand.

With Mixed Media Collective, you’re not just receiving attention-grabbing design work. We take the time to research your industry, your competitors, color theories, shapes, client background and any other information necessary to determine what would be the most effective way to present yourself to the public.

From basic graphic design to complex web programming, from small to large print orders, photo sessions, custom videos, marketing support and full event production, we’ve got you covered.

Most of our business has come to us by referral, because of this; our partners’ complete satisfaction is key. We pride ourselves in providing products and services that fit and exceed our partners’ needs and expectations. We don’t stop at just helping you with your visual presentation, we can play a pivotal role in other aspects of our partners’ business such as company naming, tagline suggestions, marketing advice, social media assistance, cross-marketing opportunities and so much more

Drop us a line at connect@mixedmediacollective.com